Your Complete Brand Story

Content for your website. And so much more.

Build a solid foundation for all your marketing efforts with a single, compelling brand story.

Your brand lives in so many places.  It’s not only your website or your presentations or your Facebook page.  It is in everything you do and say.  


When done right, your brand has a singular, clear message guiding it all.


That’s where the Complete Brand Story Package comes in.  It’s also the reason we spend so much time uncovering your vision before a word is ever written.


We’ll deep-dive into everything about you and your business that are so very unique.


We’ll get to know those clients who are a natural fit for your business, by stepping into their shoes and understanding what they really need.


We’ll look at your industry, your competition and where you fit in the marketplace.


Once we’re done, I’ll put it all together in your own Brand Story Guide.


This go-to document houses everything you need to talk about your brand – your positioning, core messaging, brand story and more.


With your story as a guide, you’ll get website content that is clear, concise and full of personality.


This includes up to 6 pages, all working together to communicate those many things about you that are so very original.


You walk away with everything you need to communicate your brand, not to mention the confidence and clarity to get out there and do the work you love.

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Your Brand Story Package Includes:

The Brand Alchemy Process

I’ll dive deep into your world, immersing myself into your business, your dream clients and your competition.  Part art, part science, I’ll put it all together to uncover your unique voice and story.


60-Minute Strategy Session

We’ll talk about your goals and your vision and you’ll walk away with a clearer understanding of yourself, your business, your audience and how you are uniquely qualified to meet their needs.


Brand Audit & Competitive Analysis

We’ll take a good look at your brand to see what’s working and what’s not. Reviewing your competition shows where you uniquely fit in the marketplace.


Client Interviews 

Nobody knows your value better than your clients. Talking to them reveals what you do best, in their own words.


Personalized Brand Story Guide

Hang on to this go-to document! It includes everything you need to get your message out to those you are meant to serve, including your guiding values, core messaging, elevator speech, keywords and more.


Customized Website Content

You’ll have website content that hits a chord with your people, letting them know you have what it takes to meet their needs. Includes up to six pages of your choosing, all optimized for SEO.


Weekly Check-In Calls

We’ll schedule a weekly call to make sure everything stays on track.


Next-Steps Strategy Session

Ever ended a project and thought, “Now What?“ This strategic session helps you plan your next steps and gives you a roadmap for your marketing efforts.

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