Sharpen your focus and articulate your vision with brand strategies and storytelling.

A brand strategy provides clarity, focus and insight to your brand.  You walk away with a deep understanding of you, your business and the people who are a natural fit for your services.  You’ll be equipped with the words and ways to communicate your business in a way that connects with your audience.  Here’s how it works:

First, I take it all in, immersing myself in your brand. We begin by diving deep into research mode, gaining an in-depth understanding of you, your people and your business.  I talk to you, your people and your clients, providing exercises to get you thinking about your core vision and goals. I’ll also review all your current marketing and see how you stack up against your competition.


Then I put it all together, connecting the dots to make your vision clear. You’ll gain new insights into your business, discovering where you truly shine and how you are uniquely qualified to meet the needs of your people. Your positioning and your core messaging begin to take shape.


Next I put your vision into words – ones that hit a chord with your people. You’ll get a story that is as original as you and your business.


Finally, we document your brand.  Together, we’ll review and revise. At the end of the process, you’ll walk away with your own Brand Vision Guide. This go-to resource captures the essence of your brand, providing the foundation for all you do.  With it you’ll have everything you need to communicate a compelling and consistent brand to the world. It includes:


  • Brand review and analysis
  • Brand positioning & tagline
  • Core messaging
  • Your brand story


Discover your inner genius and what you alone bring to the world

Understand who you are meant to serve

Increases your visibility with targeted keywords

Build a brand in your own voice, infused with your personality

Marketing done your way – authentic, real and relationship-driven

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