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Combine all that you are and all that you do in one undeniably original brand.

Let’s craft a brand that’s all your own.  We’ll weave in all those things about you and your business that are so very unique, then bring it to life by adding in your voice and your personality. And when we’re done?


You’ll stand out by showing up as who you are.
Your dream clients will get to know the real you, not some generic business.


You’ll build connections with your people.
Not just likes or follows, but those real human connections we all crave.


You’ll build relationships and trust.
Your dream clients buy from people they trust, so you’ll build your business too.


But best of all, you’ll be able to talk about what you do in your own words, your own way.
You’ll actually feel good about marketing, because it now aligns with who you are and how you want to do business.

Sound interesting?

 Here’s how I can help.


Brand Messaging & Copywriting




Marketing Strategy & Roadmaps



I’m Jeanine Kennedy and I run Humanized Brands.  I craft the words to describe your business.


Not just any words, these are the ones that capture all those things that make you a true original. Along the way, I guide you through a process of discovering yourself, your dream clients and the things about you that make you uniquely qualified to meet their needs.


When we work together, you’ll have everything you need to show up, stand out and let your one-of-a-kindness come through loud and clear.

Ready to get started?

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